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Jaime Lloret Mauri

Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Short Bio: ============================================================ Associate Prof. Dr. Jaime Lloret Mauri (PhD.) IEEE Senior, IARIA Fellow Department of Communications, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) Head of the Research Group "Communications and Remote Sensing" at the Research Institute (IGIC) Head of the Innovation Group "Active and collaborative techniques and use of technologic resources in the education (EITACURTE)" Director of the University Expert Certificates "Redes y Comunicaciones de Ordenadores" and "Tecnologias Web y Comercio Electronico" Coordinator of the University Expert Certificates “Seguridad de la Información” and “Diseño y Configuración de Redes Seguras” Director of the University Master "Digital Post Production" Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal "Network Protocols and Algorithms" IARIA Journals Board Chair (8 Journals) Vice-chair of the Internet Technical Committee Vice-chair Europe/Africa of the IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee of Cognitive Networks IARIA New Research Initiatives Board Chair Chair IEEE P1907.1 WG Co-Chairman GreeNets 2012, IEEE EVN-SGA 2013, 3rd IEEE SCPA 2013, CITS 2014 and Local Chair MIC-WCMC 2013. Mobile. +34 609549043, Office Phone. +34 962849350, Fax. +34 962849313 ============================================================

Research Interests: Mobile Adhoc Networks

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