Science and Information Conference 2014

August 27-29, 2014 | London, UK

"Give a new dimension to your Research and Knowledge"

Science and Information Conference 2014 will feature presentations of contributed papers and posters, project demonstrations as well as tutorial sessions and super charging Plenary Talks. Science and Information Conference 2014 is hosted by The Science and Information Organization, and is being organized with support from Springer and IEEE.

Brilliant Ideas

High-impact, collaborative and new approaches to some of the world’s toughest problems.

Unique and Expert Speakers

Our speakers represent the cream of research and development practitioners worldwide.

Global Audience

Last year's conference witnessed attendees from more than 55 countries.

Inspirational Learning

Bringing together a community of researchers from many fields to collaborate together to create lasting change.

Exceptional Opportunities

Showcase your achievements and exceptions to a truly global audience.

Devoted Researchers

Join some of the best minds as they speak about their research and share their experiences.

Unmatched Wisdom

Engage with the community, share insights, and learn about whats coming next.

Focussed Networking

Provides a free and open atmosphere where attendees talk and engage in creative ways

Conference Testimonials

  • I was deeply impressed by the publicity and organization of this conference. I would name this conference as one of the best activities we have sponsored over past few years. I congratulate the organizers and chair of this conference.

    Prof Frank Z. Wang, Chairman, IEEE Computer Chapter, UKRI

  • The most impressive was huge diversity of topics mutually discussed and almost family-like cordiality of relations between participants from very different countries, nationalities, cultures, and religions. I truly believe that your event can serve as a perfect model of how the whole world should be organized, with common solutions of complex problems, avoidance of wars, and reduction to minimum of any conflicts.

    Peter Sapaty

    Peter Sapaty, Director of Distributed Simulation and Control, Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems

  • Congratulations on the successful execution of the SAI Conference 2013. It is a fantastic event, well organised.

    Dr Liming Chen

    Dr Liming Chen, University of Ulster, UK

  • I had a good time at the conference to chair the sessions. The talks are relevant and interesting. Both speakers and audience are engaged with the follow up discussions as well.

    Dr Haiming Liu

    Dr Haiming Liu, University of Bedfordshire

  • My experience at SAI Conference 2013 was great. I had experienced several international conferences in South America and USA, but never in Europe. It was a nice experience, people were really kind, the level of the conference was very good, the speakers' talks were really very interesting, especially on the opening day (Dr Kevin Warwick). It was a very recommendable experience.

    Jose Martinez Garro

    Jose Martinez Garro, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

  • I would like to congratulate the organizer for being very professional in the overall management of the conference. The use of social media for personal communication and interaction for the last many months was excellent. You have bring the technology and personal-touch right to the heart of participants.

    Aziz Deraman

    Aziz Deraman, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

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